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Get ready for your baby, get our ring sling

Among all the fancy choices of baby carriers on the market, a ring sling seems less glamorous and too simple.  But it is a baby carrier you can use from the first week after your baby arrives because you can wear your baby and nurse him/her in a ring sling easily.  The Mamaway ring sling is specially designed to position your baby’s head close to the wearer’s heart, so the baby can hear mammie’s or daddy’s heartbeat, which is what the baby is used to when he/she is in mammie’s womb.  This way the baby sleeps really well in the ring sling which gives mom and dad some rest as well.  And when the baby grows bigger, you can still wear him/her in the sturdy ring sling wherever you go.  And when you do not need to use if, just fold it back into the built-in pouch and stuff it in your bag or store it away.

Once you are used to wearing your baby on the ring sling, you will love the convenience and peace of mind it offers.  And if you are a great feeding mom, you will love the ring sling even more, because you can breast feed your baby anywhere you want using the ring sling, use cover your baby with the extra swathe of fabric, and you have enough privacy!

This back to basics ring sling is made with 100% combed cotton for breathability, softness and comfort, and the 2 solid nylon 66 rings can hold up to 110 lbs. (50 kg) of weight.  And when your baby is held in a ring sling, his/her knees are positioned higher than their buttocks in a position that protects their hip bones.  So you can enjoy the close physical contact with your baby and know that he/she is held securely to you.