Cocoon Antibacterial Easy Baby Swaddle

Product Code: 170604.

Easy baby swaddle, antibacterial and odor reducing, prevents startles.

For newborns to 4 months. Approx 3.17 – 6.35kg/7 – 14 lb


Size: 71 x 50 cm

Washing Instruction: Hand wash/ Do not soak,bleach,tumble dry

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    Soft and easy to use newborn swaddle is made with Smartcel® Sensitive brand of natural fiber that contains zinc oxide, which gives it the antibacterial properties.  It also is designed to prevent startles that many newborns are prone to, so your baby can sleep in the safety of a cocoon like position much like being in mommies womb.

    Suitable for newborn - 4 months (approx 6.35kg)

    Care Instruction: Hand wash/ Do not soak,bleach,tumble dry


    Dark Blue and Red, Mustard Yellow


    Medium, Small

    The Mamaway Swaddle makes sure you’d swaddle your baby quickly with strategically placed velcro fastenings so you could wrap the baby in no time in a soft antibacterial and odor reducing fabric made with Smartcel(R) Sensitive natural fiber containing zinc oxide.  With arms close to the body much like being cocooned in your womb, your baby can sleep well and so can you.  This startle-preventing swaddle puts a new spin on the traditional swaddle and is designed to make your life easier.  Try this soft and safe swaddle for your baby.

    The velcro fastenings  can be adjusted to fit your newborn till 14 lbs(6.35kg) or 4 months.


    Comfortable fit for now and later. The soft, stretchy fabric and empire waist accommodate a growing belly, while the top layer at the bust lifts to allow for feeding. This casual style is as comfortable and functional as it is flattering to new and expecting mamas.