Mamaway Cotton Ringsling Camouflage

Mamaway Cotton Ringsling Camouflage

Product Code: 059962.

Wear your baby in this lightweight but sturdy ring sling every where you go, even at home, and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind it gives you as your baby nurse or sleep snuggled close to you.

100% combed cotton makes the ring sling breathable and soft to the touch.  And so many happy colors to choose from.


Price : $200.00

  • Camouflage
  • Free size

Designed to make breast feeding anywhere easy and effortless as your baby sleeps comfortably in the ring sling.

Nylon rings: High density solid nylon 66 for high durability

Material: 100% combed cotton for high softness, absorbability and breathability. Solid Nylon 66 rings for durability.

Built-in compact pouch for easy storage and carry.

Can carry up to 50 kgs.!

Color:  Camouflage

Size:  One size fits all moms and dads(200 x 78cm)

Care instructions:  machine wash, line dry. Do not soak, bleach or tumble dry


One size fits all moms and dads, so does the camouflage design.




Free size

This 100% cotton ring sling is designed to make breast feeding on the go so easy that you would want to use it anywhere, even when you are home lounging around with the baby! You can wear your baby on you in this comfortable and simple ring sling, so your baby can snuggle up to you as you move around.  Dad can wear it too!  The ring sling can position your newborn’s head close to your heart as your heart beat calms him/her just like in mummie’s womb.  And with bigger babies, you can carry them in the ring sling with their legs in the M position.

Designed according to the Spread Squat position (M&J) theory, the Mamaway ring sling holds the baby’s thighs within the sling in the M position, so that Baby’s hips are kept wide and the knees slightly higher than the bum, ensuring healthy hip development of your baby.