Mamaway Temperature Management Nursing Pillow

Mamaway Temperature Management Nursing Pillow

Product Code: 16401.

A nursing pillow and body pillow in one
Ordor and dust bacterial resistant: the highly absorbent and soft cover fabric incorporates advanced Crabyarn Chitin technology from Japan, using natural fibers.
Temperature management: the filling and medical grade foam that covers it ensures breathability and temperature management, so that you and your baby do not feel too hot or too cold when using it. And the pillow stays so fluffy and soft after prolonged use you will love to cuddle to it.

Price : $1,180.00 Price : $828.00

Nursing pillow + body pillow
Pillow case: 96% cotton, 4% viscose (Crabyarn®)
Foam shell: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
Foam: 100% Hydrophilic Polyurethane (medical grade foam)
Pillow filling: 100% polyester floss
Length: 100cm, Circumference: 64cm

Color:  Yellow and white stripes

Care instructions: Outer cover can be removed and hand washed.

Wipe off stains on the surface of the foam shell, then spray with clean water and pat dry with a dry cloth or paper towel, repeat until clean then air dry in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight.
Foam is not washable, spot clean only.


This cuddly and bouncy pillow is made with high tech materials from inside out to help support you and the baby while you nurse or let you rest your growing belly on it for a good night’s sleep. Let’s start from the inside: the filling is made with temperature management fibers, wrapped in a medical grade foam that is usually used in dressing burned wounds on skin, and the outside pillow cover is made with a fabric in antibacterial and odor resistant Crabyarn fiber from Japan.
The end result is a super breathable and soft hypoallergenic pillow suitable for all seasons and temperatures because the temperature management filling makes sure the pillow does not get too hot, or too cold, for your comfort.
So feel free to snuggle up to the pillow in late pregnancy. And when your baby comes, nestle your tiny baby between you and the comfy nursing pillow, and you can effortlessly hold the baby for as long as you both like because the pillow holds the weight of the baby and your elbows while propping your lower back in place.